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Chance the Rapper is beloved for his honest lyricism and dedication to uplifting his Chicago community. With all the work he’s doing to improve the lives of those around him, one has to wonder if the 24-year-old would ever consider becoming a politician.

“I would never run for any office or government position,” he told EBONY magazine in their June issue. 

The artist, real name Chancellor Bennett, recently raised $2.2 million for Chicago public schools, challenged the governor and has been vocal about other disenfranchised communities in this country. 

As the son of Ken Williams-Bennett, a former aide to Chicago mayor Harold Washington and then-Senator Barack Obama, Chance is well-versed on the political space.

“I’m not into it,” he said about running for office. “I think politics is a reason why a lot of stuff doesn’t get done. There’s a lot of favors, and a lot of people are held back by their intentions of being re-elected or the things that they owe their party or constituents. I think when you’re in my position as an artist, I can say what I want and talk about the issues that matter.”

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