Chadwick Boseman Remembers The Late Stan Lee Off With Wakandan-Style Salute
The internet has been mourning the passing of comic book auteur Stan Lee all week. And while many people have been choosing to honor the life of the Marvel legend through celebrating his professional accomplishments, Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman chose to focus on his personal life instead. The actor said goodbye to Lee with unique musical tribute where he played a set of djembe drums in a video uploaded to social media.
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Lee passed away on Monday at age 95. He used the video to express his joy, noting that Lee would soon be reuniting with his beloved wife Joan, who passed away in 2017 also at the age of 95, in the afterlife. In a caption, Boseman added, “I know how much you loved Joan. The only way we should send you home is to celebrate.” “That’s how I am sending you to the other side,” the actor says in the video while striking the drums methodically. “Stan, that’s for you. That’s how I am sending you to the other side. That’s how they will receive you on the other. I love you, man,” he said while resting on the drums in the video after he had completed his performance. Lee is credited with creating stories that shed light on topics often not discussed in popular culture. For instance, he created an African prince in his comic Black Panther during the 60s when racial tensions were again at an all time high. He also created comics that centered Black characters, including Luke Cage and the X-Men. “At the time, he wrote Black Panther when segregation was still heavy,” Miya Crummell told the AP of Lee’s influence. “It was kind of unheard of to have a Black lead character, let alone a title character and not just a secondary sidekick kind of thing.” RIP Stan Lee.


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