Everything Things We Know About Tika Sumpter’s Fiancé, Nick James

Tika Sumpter has always been coy about her private life, so it was a total surprise when the actress decided to share an intimate photo of her daughter Ella-Loren and fiancé Nick James on Sunday.

The pair have be private about their relationship thus far, but sharing a child and being engaged has totally changed the game.

“He was like, ‘Ella has something to say to you.’ And it was just this letter of beauty,” Sumpter said about James’ Christmas Day proposal. “And then he proposed.”

“It was simple. It’s been burning a hole in his body for a while, so he was like, ‘I wanted to do this… now.’”

While we’re not sure if we’re going to see them out and about in public, we do know a couple things about James— find them out below.

They met on the set of Tyler Perry’s Haves and Have Nots

On OWN, the television drama began in 2013, but James didn’t appeared on the show until 2016. James and Sumpter allegedly met while on set working up close and personal.

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He collects tea

While some love collecting coins from all over the world or classic albums, James is a fan of exotic teas— and he happily shares photos of his favorite brews.

He’s a huge animal lover

You’ll be hard pressed to not find a photo of James with an animal on his Instagram page. He loves animals, which is great since Sumpter has a pet yorkie. 

He’s a casual photographer

In his downtime, the actor takes really amazing photos of beautiful things around him like sunsets and cute animals. 

Politics is something he cares about

James doesn’t tweet much, but when he does, it’s about the current state of policies and his disgust of the current Trump administration.

He’s a health nut.

In addition to drinking healthy teas, James is active in the gym, sharing photos of weights and boxing classes. Looks like Sumpter has a fit and fun husband-to-be. 


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