The Sweetest Mommy And Me Moments Between Monica And Her Daughter Laiyah

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 02, 2018

Monica is all about family. Head to the singer’s Instagram and you’ll see shots of her snuggled up next to her little ones or adorable family photos from various vacations.

The mom of three has a wonderful bond with all of her children, but it’s her relationship with daughter Laiyah that brings joy to our heart because there’s truly nothing like a mother-daughter bond. The pair is always on some adventure, posing together in adorable outfits and smiling from ear to ear.

So, to celebrate the duo, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Monica and Laiyah moments.

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Some fun in the sun and time in the pool with an epic unicorn float.

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Sharing this moment on IG, the singer wrote, "Teaching her to stand tall, even when her backs against the wall...."

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So jealous of this s'mores moment, Monica and Laiyah look like they're having so much fun!

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A mother-daughter slay!

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Posing in the flyest Supreme look, Monica dedicated this pic to her daughter, writing, "The creator packed more love, joy, compassion, wit, genuine love & personality in this little being than I could’ve ever imagined ♥️ LOL... it’s a blessing to be your mom."

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Nothing like quality time at the beach.

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Jet ski livin'!

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A fun day horseback riding on the beach.

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The bond these two have is perfectly reflected in this photo.

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A mother-daughter duo coming to steal our heart!

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Like mother, like daughter.

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SCREAMING at how perfect these two are.

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Monica is always off on some fun adventure with her baby girl, she captioned this pic, "We chase our blues by chasing adventures LOL... We miss our guys but we make the most of our girl time... We started off today with a visit to @frostscience."

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Hanging out with mom at work.

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Monica's boots and Laiyah's relaxed pose, peak luxury.

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