Tiny And Her Daughter Zonnique Are The Cutest Mommy-Daughter Duo

Lauren Porter Jul, 27, 2018

In March 1996, Xscape singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ life changed forever and for the better when she gave birth to her oldest daughter, Zonnique Jailee Pullins. 

The two have been inseparable since and although the Grammy-award winning songstress is a mom to three other children including her sons, King and Major as well as her baby girl, Heiress, but her firstborn will always have a special place in her heart. 

Here are 12 of their cutest mommy-daughter moments. 

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Look at this sweet throwback!

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Peace and love from Tiny and her first born!

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Zonnique and Heiress are definitely their mother's favorite girls!

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We can't handle baby Zonnique and these adorable sunnies!

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Have you ever seen a more picture perfect duo?!

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It's always a good time when Tiny, Zonnique and Heiress can meet up with Monica and her daughter, Laiyah!

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Zonnique definitely had all the sass even at an early age...we wonder where she got it from!

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There's no denying that this mother-daughter duo knows how to slay!

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These two definitely have their #twinning moments!

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Tiny and Zonnique's mommy-daughter moments have been epic since the beginning of time!

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Zonnique can't get enough of her mother!

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Nothing like a great mother-daughter selfie!