13 Tender Moments Between Kandi Burruss and Her Son Ace

Lauren Porter Jul, 26, 2018

In January 2016, Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker welcomed their first child together, a son they named Ace Wells Tucker.

Whether the Xscape singer-songwriter is on the go or at home in ATL, she never misses the chance to make lasting memories with her little man. The working wife and mom always knows how to bring a smile to his face and watching them together brings one to ours.

See some of our favorite moments between them, and get ready to swoon.

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We just know Kandi will always love when little Ace joins her for an impromptu photo shoot!

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Kandi is all smiles when her favorite guy is by her side!

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Ace already knows that the best place in the world is in his mother's arms.

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Ace has nap time vibes written all over his adorable little face!

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You can tell that Kandi is savoring all the moments she gets to share with little Ace!

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Ace is already a ladies man with his mom, big sister Riley and grandma Joyce smothering him with lots of love!

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We bet Ace gives Kandi all the thumbs up for being the best mom ever!

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Ace and Kandi are the cutest mother-son duo, ever!

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Sorry Kandi, Ace definitely looks like Todd!

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Ace and his little froggy towel are toooo cute!

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Clearly Ace was a fan of mom Kandi's October 2017 ESSENCE cover!

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Riley and Ace will definitely inherit Kandi's hustle hard mentality. We're sure of it!

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Ever since Kandi and her hubby Todd welcomed little Ace, life has been oh so good!