Our Favorite Celeb Kids Back-To-School Moments

The babies are back to school! Whether they returned in August or after the Labor Day holiday, in-person schooling is back and parents, including the famous ones, are excited. Well, most are. Some admittedly had a hard time sending their kids back. Singer Ciara admitted that she was going to miss her son Future and daughter Sienna after everyone was home for longer than usual due to the pandemic. She enjoyed the quality time together.

“I love being able to see them all the time, being in the house lot more than ever. But I’m excited for them to go ahead and get back into school as well,” she said recently. “I’m going to be proud to see them going through those school doors.”

Cardi B even took fans into their search, with husband Offset, for the right school for daughter Kulture in New York City as she prepared to give birth to her second child. It wasn’t as simple as she thought it would be.

“This is the hard part. I thought it was going to be easy, oh yeah, we’re going to look for schools. Everything had me like [fake cries].”

While it was emotional for them in the beginning, all the kids, from pre-kindergartners to seniors in high school, were sent back to classrooms with their lunch boxes, backpacks and masks. Celeb parents have been sharing cute photos of it all, as well as their shock at how quickly their kids are growing up. “First day of school pic! Third and first grade. Time seriously flies!” Tamera Mowry wrote about kids, Aden and Ariah.

“We #MET his teachers today. Moses first day in school!! #mosesandmama,” Tamron Hall wrote on Instagram as she walked her son to school. “It goes so fast.”

And some were excited — to have their freedom back, of course. No more at-home learning struggles!

“Me and my bestie @loganland8 first day of school😩 3rd grade came so fast ✨✨… but praise God cause Logan gets his friends back ✨ and I get my daytime back while he’s in school😅😂,” Tamar Braxton wrote on Instagram. “Won’t he do it!! We are BOTH excited😫😫”

Whether excited or a little sad, all the moments were sweet. Check out our favorite behind-the-scenes back-to-school moments from the stars and their kids for this 2021-2022 school year.