My dreams have come true. Beyoncé has given birth to her twins, and they’re Geminis just like me. 

We’re known for being creative and smart but we’re also very moody and busy bodied. Raising little members of the twin-sign tribe can be quite a handful for parents (sorry mom!), so with two twin gemini babies in your nursery now, I imagine you’re gonna have your hands full.

But don’t worry Bey, I’ve got you covered. This is everything I think you should know about raising us Geminis. 

1. Geminis are caring, fun-loving and quick.

Our character traits include being gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, and able to learn and exchange ideas quickly. Geminis are known for being generous, so when we love you, we know just how to show it. We are also quick talkers, thinkers and doers, so if you can’t keep up be prepared to be left behind. 

2. Air is our ruling element. 

The twin sign represents a dual personality which means you never know which side you’re going to get. Because our personality is easily swayed, we don’t like routines and being confined which means we’re unpredictable and happen to go whichever way the wind blows. Hey, don’t blame us, blame it on the stars!

3. Our communication skills are off the charts. 

With our gift for gab, being around a Gemini means there will never be a dull moment. Mercury is our communication planet. Witty insight included, the Gemini always has a quick comeback, a great pun or something creative to say just to make you smile. Put simplu, we’ll talk your ears off but at least we’ll keep you entertained.

3. We aren’t “crazy,” we’re passionate.

So Geminis are known for being the most irrational of the star signs. While some might believe this, it just means that we have loads of energy and are known to juggle multiple things at once. “They” say we have multiple personalities with different versions of us manifesting at anytime but really, we’re just ever-changing based on our environment. See, not crazy!

4. Geminis are very indecisive. 

We have a hard time making choices sometimes. Geminis can mull over the simplest of options and still have no idea what to do next. We can also get a bit impatient and being dramatic is just something we do. It took me 20 minutes to decide on the perfect title for this article, ok not really 20 minutes, but see what I’m saying? Drama!

5. We forgive, but we never ever forget. 

Don’t cross a Gemini or you’ll be on their shade list forever. When we care, we CARE! We’re generous and love to do things for others, but once you screw us over, it’s a done deal on getting back on our good side. In the words of fellow Gemini Prince, “to play us is to play yourself” and we shall never ever ever be played. 

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins will be creative little beings. They will have insane artistic abilities–as if they won’t inherit enough from their uber talented and record-breaking parents. Although Geminis can at times get a bad rap for being “two-faced,” I prefer to think that we’re really just jacks-of-all-trades who are adaptable and intuitive.

So, Yoncé and Hov, if you’re reading this and I can leave you with one last bit of advice, I’ll offer some words of wisdom from my mom. She did an excellent job raising a Gemini child (if I do say so myself) and she says, “Don’t let them think they’re in charge too often. They aren’t the boss of anyone and let them know you wear the pants in the parent-child dynamic.”

They can’t always get what they want, even though you can give them the world, and they need to learn that early on. Shower them with love and affection and let them be authentic and true to themselves. In the end, even with all their drama, happiness will happen.