All The Times Angela Simmons And Baby Sutton Joseph Were The Cutest Mother-Son Duo Around


Lauren Porter Aug, 07, 2017

Motherhood looks so good on reality star and young mogul, Angela Simmons. The 29-year-old and her tiny-tot Sutton Joseph are the cutest mother-son duo around. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the adorable moments the new mom has shared with the world.

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"Hitting reset with my baby boy," Angela captioned this photo with her little one. They are seriously too cute!

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Sutton modeling his outfit of the day is just the cutest thing we've seen.

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Angela has the whole world in her hands!

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Little Sutton rolls around in style and mama Angela looks great too!

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Angela and her big brother Jojo are proud parents! Jojo's daughter Mia and baby Sutton are the cutest first cousins. Their older sister Vanessa, mother of Ava, is also in the parent club.

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Looks like someone already has the reading bug.

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Angela simply captioned this photo with her boys, "Them."

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Naps on mama's chest are always the best!

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Angela affectionately calls Sutton her sunshine and he is indeed!

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"Look up baby," the 'Growing Up Hip-Hop' star wrote for this photo.

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Sutton certainly is the most precious Christmas elf ever!

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"My permanent hip attachment," said Angela of this photo.

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Sutton obviously only travels in the best possible way and looks awfully comfy while doing it!

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"No matter how great .. or how bad a day is...walking into these doors to you...makes my life worth living. My baby #youcompleteme," said Angela of this photo.

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"He loves to cuddle," the proud mama said of this flick.

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When Angela has her fly little guy, what more could she need?!

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Angela's fiancé Sutton and her baby boy are a dynamic duo.

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These two are definitely two peas in a pod!

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This little family is seriously picture perfect!

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When the outfits coordinate, it's a good day for Angela and Sutton!

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