Celebrities Send Well-Wishes And Prayers To John Singleton After Director Passes Away
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The entertainment industry is mourning the loss of John Singleton after the director was taken off of life support on Monday after being in a medically-induced coma last week following a major stroke.

Stars like Ava DuVernay, Shonda Rhimes, and Nia Long shared prayers for Singleton after news initially broke last week that he had been in the intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after suffering a stroke.

Later, it was reported that Singleton had suffered another major stroke Wednesday before slipping into a coma. He then died on Monday, according to a family statement obtained by the Associated Press, Monday. He was 51.

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Fellow California native Ava DuVernay reflected on his passing, writing on Twitter: “There aren’t many of us out here doing this. It’s a small tribe in the grand scheme of things. He was a giant among us. Kind. Committed. And immensely talented. His films broke ground. His films mattered. He will be missed. And long remembered. Thank you, John.”

Rhimes reflected on the time Singleton called to offer her words of encouragement, adding that the director told her “to keep writing.”

More celebs offered prayers, memories, and kind words after the news spread, a reflection of Singleton’s impact on those influenced by his work.

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This is where it all started. The Genesis – The Genius – The Genre Maker/Star Maker (Taraji P. Henson, Ice Cube, Tyrese Gibson, Lawrence Fishburne, Regina King,Nia Long, Angela Basset, Cuba Gooding, Jr. – in no particular order as these are all great actors/actresses). John Singleton gave me a chance. When I left the audition for "Boyz N' The Hood" as he shook my hand, he gave me a stronger grip than normal and looked me in the eye. I felt he was basically giving me a signal that I had the job without telling me. From there, there was no comprehension of the massive chain of events that were about to follow. People from all over the world literally tell me how they’re affected by Boyz ‘N The Hood. The magnitude and world-wide impact that his ground-breaking film would have for society cannot be measured. Helping to bring awareness of what it takes to come to maturity as a black male in the 'Hood, or die trying… Helping to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced. Dealing with challenges and adversity in life and in general. From that lesson, for anyone who watches Boyz N’ The Hood, we are able to learn a little more about ourselves and each other. Hopefully, we are able to grow, evolve and gain a deeper love and understanding of our humanity. John Singleton, thank you for your vision. Thank you for holding my hand a little stronger. Thank you for connecting with me and thank you for connecting me to history. Thank you for connecting and transcending generations, nationalities, nations, races, communities, societies. Thank you, John Singleton, for connecting us all. #RIP #JohnSingleton

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Our thoughts and prayers are with Singleton and his family.


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