Celebrities Had The Time Of Their Lives During Game One Of The NBA Finals

Rihanna yelled “Brick!” and Jay Z fake laughed with Kevin Hart.

Sydney Scott Jun, 02, 2017

Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers may have been in their feelings after Game 1 of the NBA finals, but celebs were having a great time. 

The Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors, 113-91, with the Warriors tying for the most consecutive postseason wins in NBA history at 13. 

Rihanna, Jay Z, and Kevin Hart, however, overshadowed this record last night as the posed for photos courtside and, in Rihanna’s case, harassed Kevin Durant. 

The “Work” singer, a huge fan of Lebron James, spent the evening bowing to the Cavaliers star and yelling “Brick!” during Kevin Durant’s free throw, resulting in Durant giving her some very serious side eye. Is there a celebrity beef brewing? 


Jay Z and Kevin Hart were also in attendance, having flown to the game on a private jet. 

Jay pulled out one of the oldest photo tricks in the book as the two posed for photos, asking photographers to “take a picture while we’re talking.” Jay Z has clearly picked up a few tricks from his wife, Beyoncé on the ‘Gram.

Let’s hope the next game is this entertaining.

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[MUSIC] For you, Kevin, toward the end of the game you shot a three, kind of putting a dagger into them, and you looked toward the crowd toward Rihanna. Was that on purpose, [LAUGH] or do you remember that, or? I don't even remember that. Well, just to let you know, social media is buzzing about it. Really? Yes. [LAUGH] Don't get in that [UNKNOWN] Yeah, I won't get in that. [LAUGH] I'm cool. Have fun with that. [MUSIC]