Joy Bryant is easily the queen of effortless chic. From her tousled tresses, to flowing gowns, the stunning actress embodies laid back luxe!

We can say the same about her favorite accessory: a tan leather cross body fringed bag.

Whether at a Hollywood premier or casual party, the sparkling star is sure to have her trusty bag with her!

We caught up with Bryant in New York City for a chic chat about everything from her style icons to her infamous bag! You have such effortless style, do you look to any one you consider as style icons?
JOY BRYANT: I really admire girls like Tracee Ellis Ross and Milla Jovovich! They have such great style and wear clothes well. You are a very minimalist fashionista. What kind of feedback do you get?
JOY BRYANT: I wear very little makeup and I don’t ever go over the top. Not everyone likes it, but you know what? I don’t care if people make fun of me! Speaking of great style, one thing that always complements yours is this bag. Who is it by?
JOY BRYANT: It’s by Madewell and I just love it! We notice you wear it a lot! What is it about the bag that you love?
JOY BRYANT: I love fringes! I love the cognac leather! To be honest, I love any bag that doesn’t make you look like you are a bag lady, and this doesn’t! Do you have a philosophy for who you wear this with?
JOY BRYANT: I wear it everything! That’s the only philosophy. It’s the perfect pairing for everything I wear! Do you think you’ll retire it in the near future?
JOY BRYANT: It’s mine! It’s my thing and I’m going to wear this thing  till it’s old and weathered or damaged. And even then… I’d still wear it!