Cardi B’s Sister Gifts Her With Gucci Purse After Secretly Borrowing Hers
MTV/TRL/Getty Images
Cardi B won the entire year of 2017 and she’s sitting on her rightful throne this year! After just releasing her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, last week, Cardi B made three other announcements. The 25-year-old rapper revealed she’s pregnant with her first child on Saturday Night Live, she became the first co-host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and —if that wasn’t enough to make you hail Cardi B— she also will be designing her own line for Fashion Nova.   Regardless of all the success, Cardi B operates according to her own rules, which has made her relatable to the masses. On a recent episode of MTV’s rebooted TRL, Cardi B appeared on the show alongside her sister Hennessy Carolina, who was co-hosting the show. Not only did we get a glimpse of their adorable sister bond, Hennessy also revealed during a game of “I Did It” if she ever took something of her sister’s that she didn’t know about. Hennessy shared the story of borrowing her sister’s Gucci purse without permission, and how the bag ended up getting stolen.   After Cardi B silently listened to her sister tell the story while seeming quite annoyed, Hennessy surprised her by gifting her with a brand new Gucci purse. Now, that’s what we call sibling love. Watch the hilarious exchange between Cardi B and her sister Hennessy on TRL below:

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