Who doesn’t love Bresha Webb?

Sis is booked, busy, blessed and back with her new role in Netflix’s comedic film, SEXTUPLETS, co-starring Marlon Wayans.

Teaming up again for the new Netflix comedy, Webb plays the wife of Wayans’ character Alan, who goes on a quest to find the long lost siblings that he never knew — five of them to be exact. In this hilarious multi-character comedy, both Wayans and Webb shine with their on-screen chemistry palpable. Rightfully so, since the pair are friends in real life.

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But if you’re weren’t familiar with her before, you definitely should be now. Especially since she has a long list of receipts. The Baltimore native jumped headfirst into Hollywood in 2007, when we got to know her on the sitcom Love That Girl! co-starring Tatyana Ali. Since then she’s gotten cosigns from some of the greatest in comedy — including Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, Tracey Morgan and of course, Marlon Wayans.

Ahead of the Netflix film — which drops today, August 16th — Webb shared what it was like reuniting with Marlon Wayans for the film, her dream role, and what it’s really like to have a “hot girl summer.” Check out what she had to say in our exclusive interview below.

You and Marlon [Wayans] have such great on screen chemistry in SEXTUPLETS, which started when you worked together on the sitcom Marlon. What was it like to reunite for this film?
It’s so much fun. It was such a comfortability with us, having worked together before on Marlon together. We were even friends before that. I’ve been so blessed in this industry to have always worked with friends. People that I’ve wanted to work with and then becoming friends with them instantly. For instance, when I did Truth Be Told, I knew Tone [Bell] because we did stand up together and we knew each other outside of work. So to play his TV wife wasn’t a big deal. And then I met Vanessa [Lachey] and Mark-Paul [Gosselaar] and it was a fun-filled environment.

I just kind of take in this personality of making everyone my friend, and that has followed me throughout my career. So with Marlon, it was just easy. We know how we like our makeup. I know how he is with his hair. What music he likes to play in the makeup trailer. He likes to be “up, up” and I know he’s not ‘let’s ease into me.’ Meanwhile, me in the trailer, I would play my Gospel. And then as soon as he comes in, it’s up. It’s a nice happy medium we have. We know each others ins and outs. So when I’m cranky and hungry, he feeds me. And I know when he’s cranky and just needs a hug. It wasn’t like going to work, ever.

We got to know and love you on Love That Girl, The Last OG and then of course, Marlon. But your film resume is growing as well, where you’ve gotten a chance to star in recent films such as Acrimony. Do you have a preference for one or the other?
I love to just work and meet new people. I like working. I love being characters and being immersed in a new world — whether TV or film. When I did The Last OG, that was a new thing because I got to be in New York, and that was the first time I’ve had to be on a show and be placed somewhere. I’ve had the luxury of working out of LA. Or doing a movie in Atlanta. But having homebase to come back to in New York over a couple of months was fun, and I had never done that before. Whenever I get to work and be around people, is what I love to do. It’s all a new experience, and I’m just enjoying the ride.

What’s a role that you’ve wanted to tackle but haven’t had an opportunity to yet? Is there a “dream role?”
Oh, I already know that. To play Diana Ross in her biopic. I would be able to use all of my gifts: I sing, I dance, and of course, acting. I feel like that’s a story that needs to be told and it’s so inspiring, her being a powerhouse of a woman, and just the business woman that she is. I would love to tell the story with other women that are inspired by her and actually look like her. For instance, Taraji. There would be a great story to tell, and I would just love to be apart of it. Whether I get to play the whole story and tell the full arc of her story, and even play Mahogany, or something where I get to pay homage to such a wonderful artist as she is. Anything Diana Ross, I always pull from her dramatics and glamour as much as possible. 

We know you’re clearly booked and busy, but are you also enjoying a “Hot Girl Summer?”Yes, I have my hot girl hair, and my nails are bedazzled. I’ve been hot this whole year, but I guess we’re going to limit it to a summer. Though my knees aren’t as good as Meg Thee Stallion, but I’ve been practicing and practicing. I’m trying to strengthen them. She’s 22 or something. That baby’s knees aren’t going to hold up throughout the summer. I’ll be right there with some nice hip action, making sure that my twerk is ready.

Why should people watch SEXTUPLETS?
You’re going to laugh. If you want to laugh out loud you need to watch this film. Marlon puts so much work into this movie. Everyone says it’s his best work. He did not sleep. He hardly didn’t eat. And he plays 7 characters (the last one is a surprise). I guarantee you within 20 minutes of meeting the first character, you forget that it’s Marlon. When you look at what Eddie Murphy has done with Klump, it was amazing, but he did it for a scene or two, sitting around the table. Marlon did this for the entire movie — with prosthetics and makeup and everything. I play the supportive happy wife, and loved it to be there to support. It’s a fun story where you can just laugh out loud and forget what’s going on in the world. You forget the world is f*cked up and just laugh.


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