From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Giving Yourself Permission to Breakout
Ted Trent

Last week, Lisa Nichols kicked off her four-week series by giving you steps to take charge of your finances, health and more. This week, she’s asking “What are you willing to give yourself permission for?”

It’s an important question, remarks the transformation specialist. “Are you willing to give yourself a 1,000 second chances?” asks Nichols. “If you tried something again, again and again. Are you willing to give yourself permission to try it one more time—whether it’s dancing, singing, love or getting to your ideal weight, having great communication with your child or your parent?”

Nichols goes on to share an inspired action step involving a mirror. She says she completed this simple yet potentially challenging exercise every day for six months. According to her, answering these questions in the mirror is key to making progress.

Check out this week’s breakthrough video and share how you’re making progress in the comments.

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