Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris has traded in his sheet music for a sledgehammer thanks to a new reality show called, Hit Properties with Nathan Morris. The four-part mini series will feature Morris bringing a unique sense of sophistication and glamour to formerly dilapidated homes, including an outdated and abandoned 8,200-square foot Florida property featured in the premiere. Morris will attempt to — as he calls it — “Nate-a-cize” homes, meaning adding luxurious upgrades, such as remote-controlled toilets, Wi-Fi enabled lighting and mirror TVs, which will add a level of convenience that make them worthy of million dollar listing prices.
The Grammy Award winning singer has dabbled in real estate ventures for years, wisely investing his musical income into profitable renovation projects. But his first full-service efforts will take place on screen. “On the business side, I’ve invested in some lucrative real estate deals, and, on the personal side, I’ve done some construction, renovating and designing,” the 47-year-old singer said in a statement. “But I’ve never brought the two together in one project. This was my chance to do that—on a massive scale!” Morris joins other music industry titans, who’ve shown a major interest in real estate in recent years from DJ Envy taking his social media followers with him to house closings to Rick Ross encouraging his fans to “buy back the block.” Hit Properties with Nathan Morris premieres on the DIY Network on October 6 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.