It’s no secret that Cory Hardrict is madly in loves with his wife, fellow actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict. The PDA-prone couple has been the poster-couple for Black love goals for years.

The actor and devoted family man talked to ESSENCE about his commitment to his wife and her happiness and broke down why he would do just about anything for her.

“I love my wife to infinity because my wife has been my backbone, my support, she’s been everything that I’ve needed and wanted and desired in a woman, especially a Black woman,” said Hardrict. “I came out to California with no money, [like] $75, and I didn’t have anything, and it was pretty tough. And she was with me, during those stages of me just like not having any furniture and studio bills, apartment, not having no blankets, sheets, nothing. And it was just kinda like she held me down from day one, so it was kinda like it had nothing to do with, you know how I was aspiring to be an actor and it had nothing to do with could she get something from me. It was just based on love. Our relationship started on love, and she cared for me. As a Black man growing up in this world, you need that sometimes. That shows you that’s all that matters: That the beginning and end of everything is love. That’s why I would do anything for my wife.”

Hardrict, who stars in the new drama series, The Oath, which is now streaming on Crackle, wed the Sister, Sister alum in April 2008.

The couple has a son together, Cree, 6, and are expecting baby number two, a little girl, any day now. Throughout her second pregnancy,  Hardrict says he’s catered to his wife’s every need.

“I could go on forever talking about my wife [but] I will make sure that I will always do anything that she wants and needs at the drop of a finger to make sure she’s happy,” he added. “It’s just like how I live my everyday life. [Even] when y’all don’t see that, that’s still what happens in the house. I’m rubbing her feet, running her a bath, doing whatever I can to make sure she’s okay.”

Hardrict recommends other husbands take note.

“That’s what all men should do,” he continued. “All men across the world, we gotta enact this whole thing because we’re living in a troubling time right now and everybody can see it, everybody knows what’s going on and it starts with love. It starts with loving each other. And once we do that, we can be a better nation, for sure.”