Bae goals. Vacation goals. Relationship goals. Beach body goals. We are officially on Byerwatch and ready to see what other cute things Trai and Grace Byers have planned for their beach vacation. The couple recently celebrated their one-year anniversary and while on a break from filming Empire the couple snuck in a little R&R in paradise. “The beauty of the world always astounds me. Thank God for his creation,” shared Trai on his Instagram. While the couple enjoyed some fun in the sun, and a little snorkeling, their friends created a hilarious video of the two, turning their Baywatch moment into Byerwatch. The creative video even caught the approval from Niecy Nash as she reposted the video on her page. “#BaeCationGoals ❤️ #rp @ladygracebyers Y’all are so freakin cute! #Empire,” she shared. Now that we have the title for their new movie, all we can say is that Byerwatch can save us any day. TOPICS: