Tiffany Haddish’s resumé just keeps growing by the day. 

First, she was a breakout star in the blockbuster 2017 summer film, Girls Trip, she scored a comedy special, made history on SNL, penned a memoir, joined forces with Maya Rudolph to steal the show at the 2018 Oscars and now, she can add “flawless wedding speech giver” to her growing list of accomplishments. 

The comedienne and actress was a guest at supermodel Chanel Iman’s gorgeous Los Angeles wedding when she tied the knot to New York Giants star Sterling Shepard earlier in March and revealed exclusively via Brides, when Haddish got ahold of the mic, the moment was everything. 

Iman revealed that when she and Haddish met on the set of Mad Families, there was an instant connection and it was only right to have her attend her fairytale big day. 

“During filming, I didn’t have a trailer so she was kind enough to share hers with me,” the model told the magazine. “So for a month, we were sharing a trailer and going over lines together. We laughed, we cried, we bonded. She’s like a big sister to me.”

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Haddish took the moment to impart some wisdom to the bride and groom. 

“Make sure y’all have fun together,” the 38-year-old told the newlyweds. “I ain’t that old, but I’m old, but I ain’t that old but I’m old but I seen things from my observation that the relationships that last the longest are the relationships where you have fun. You gonna have your ups and your downs but find time to have fun.”

Of course, the star couldn’t let the moment pass without giving the crowd something to laugh about. 

“I knew you could take care of any man you decided to take care of and I’m glad you decided to take care of that one cause I can see his soul. I looked into his eyeballs when you brought him to the comedy club. That’s a good man. You better worship the ground she walk on cause she’s got a gangster ass bitch that got her back. Sorry, pastor!”