Tia Mowry-Hardrict is just days away from welcoming baby #2 with her husband, Cory Hardrict, but in the meantime, the parents-to-be are celebrating a very special day. 

Friday marked 10 years of marriage for the couple and of course, the actress shared a message that melted our hearts. 

“Wow! 10 years married to you!@coryhardrict. It’s crazy how time flies! Building a family, dreams, and a life with you has simply been Gods purpose,” she wrote.

The couple tied the knot in 2010 after eight years together. In 2011, they welcomed their first child, son Cree Taylor and in November announced that another little one–a baby girl–was on the way after struggling with infertility issues due to an endometriosis diagnosis. 

She continued, “Thank you for loving all of me. Thank you for loving me as my grays come in. Thank you for loving my character, my personality, and my soul. For you, I do the same. Those traits never change. #happyanniversary Mr. Hardrict. We love you! #18yearsstrong.”

Hardrict also celebrated the couple’s milestone anniversary with a sweet post and spoke candidly with ESSENCE about his unwavering love for his wife. 

God's Gift...Happy 10th year Anniversary my 🖤

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“I love my wife to infinity because my wife has been my backbone, my support, she’s been everything that I’ve needed and wanted and desired in a woman, especially a Black woman,” the actor said. “I came out to California with no money, [like] $75, and I didn’t have anything, and it was pretty tough. And she was with me, during those stages of me just like not having any furniture and studio bills, apartment, not having no blankets, sheets, nothing. And it was just kinda like she held me down from day one, so it was kinda like it had nothing to do with, you know how I was aspiring to be an actor and it had nothing to do with could she get something from me. It was just based on love. Our relationship started on love, and she cared for me. As a Black man growing up in this world, you need that sometimes. That shows you that’s all that matters: That the beginning and end of everything is love. That’s why I would do anything for my wife.”

Happy anniversary to the Hardricts!