Solid As A Rock: Remy Ma and Papoose's Picture Perfect Love In 2016

It's official, The Mackies had the best year ever. And, these are the photos that prove it.

Charli Penn Dec, 19, 2016

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The Mackies make marriage look like a blast 24/7 and their Instagram feeds say it all.

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Aww! Just...aww!

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Even breakfast in bed is bliss for the couple, who recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of their TV wedding by sleeping in and indulging in their love, and this yummy meal.

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Papoose never misses a chance to hold his wife close.

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In 2016, if you saw Remy, you saw Papoose. These two were absolutely inseparable.

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Fans continue to fall more and more in love with how madly in love Papoose and Remy are, and the best part is, they're never (ever!) afraid to show it.

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Paparazzi caught a glimpse of the Mackie's Black love in motion on the streets of NYC.

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The Mackies always find time to steal a moment (and a kiss) when they're together.

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The perfect pair? We think so!

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Papoose is one of the most loyal husband's on reality TV and in 2016 fans watched him remarry his ladylove, giving her the dream wedding she'd always wished for and making fans all over America swoon.

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Remy Ma's incredible comeback story wouldn't be complete without the love and support of her ride-or-die man, Pap.

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The Mackies are never shy about the strength of their love.

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Mr. and Mrs. Mackie promoting the husband and wife life on Instagram.

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The Mackies make even the smallest moments a big display of their undying love for one another.