Photographic Proof That Snoop Dogg and His Wife Shante's Love Is Picture Perfect

The high school sweethearts know how to share the love.

Lauren Porter Aug, 24, 2017


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On June 12, 1997, Snoop and Shante tied the knot and have been in love ever since. Although they've hit a bump in the road in 2004, nearly ending their marriage in divorce, they two reconciled and have been serving Black love goals for 25 years. That's love!

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Snoop and Shante have history! The two met while in high school and were definitely the picture perfect prom dates.

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Sweet kisses for his Mrs? Don't mind if you do Snoop.

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When you're coordinated with the one who has your heart, you're always the cutest couple around.

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Famous friends like Al Sharpton support this love. What could be better?!

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The couple went from Mr. and Mrs. to mom and dad in 1994 with the birth of their son Cordé.

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The Broadus family is a beautiful one. Snoop and Shante are proud parents to their sons Cordé and Cordell and their daughter Cori. So sweet!

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Not only are these two the cutest parents ever, they have a grandson, Zion Kalvin, born to their eldest son Cordé.

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These two are major sports fans. You could call it love and basketball!

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With a love that's lasted this long, we can't blame Snoop and Shante for smiling this big!

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What a classic couple photo!

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Date night looks amazing on these two!

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Selfies with bae. Iconic!

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Just the two of them--life is oh-so good!

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Nothing beats Black love, especially when it looks this adorable!