It’s Our Anniversary: Remy And Papoose Celebrate Nine Years of Marriage
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin

Remy Ma and Papoose celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary on Saturday, reminding us that their love continues to thrive no matter what obstacles come their way.

One of our favorite #blacklove couples posted cutesy photos of each other commemorating the day. Fans of the duo have loved watching their unbreakable bond through years-long prison stints and debunked cheating rumors.

A big part of their love is their commitment to loyalty and to each other, the couple said when appearing on ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast in March.

“I think all men should challenge themselves to be loyal to be faithful…it’s a better life, but they would never know unless they try,” Papoose said. “But it has to be with the right female. It has to be a female that makes you feel like she deserves that, she’s worth it.”

Ultimately, believing in love is a big first step in finding it. Remy Ma admitted it was an idea she struggled with for a long time.

“I had been programmed for years, dude’s ain’t about nothing, they’re gonna cheat,” she said on the podcast.

She added: Then I’m like, you know, okay, you’re young and you’re a rapper…especially when I went away he was like, ‘I promise I’m going to be there with you.’ I’m like, ‘Are you dumb?’ No, I didn’t believe him. It was like three years in, and I’m like, I got four and a half more years; I’ll see you in 2014. And he did it and he proved me wrong so, I probably would have had it much easier had I just believed him from the beginning.”

Congratulations on your anniversary!