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There was a video at a recent gospel event. Well not recent, maybe a year ago, where someone in the audience ridiculed you. Yes, yes.>> I think that's the proper way to say it. And your husband came to your defenses. And it really upset myself and some of the Essence staff members, I have to be honest with you. To see the way you were targeted in that way. Mm-hm. How did you feel in that moment that it seems like sometimes folks won't let you grow? Especially when since they've known you as a child actress, and now you're a women. It seems as though people will not let you evolve or grow. How do you take that criticism? In that moment, it was hurtful, because I have no doubt that she was saying what she honestly felt. I don't know if she was trying to hurt me. I don't think she was honestly, but I do think that she tried to Make an example in that moment in front of everyone by humiliating me on ESSENCE. I just had to, if you watched the rest of that video, I just say to her, God bless you. If you really believe that I'm doing something wrong, pray for me. And also I think. She said that God led her there, but God gives you wisdom to speak to people, and that was not using wisdom. You know? Mm-hm. But, that's what it was in that moment. At the moment, it was hurtful. And there have been things over the years, whether it was the blue dress or- Right. There's always something. A girl, if rather, I mean a Halloween costume. It's Pretty much I know now at this point. I'm like all right people are gonna come for me. And I just have to live in my authenticity. I have to live in my truth. Because when people come up to me on the street and you know it's this girl who's like I've been told that I don't look like a follower of Christ. Or I've been told that I'm not gonna get into heaven. Wow. Or I'm getting told that God thinks that I'm, what's the word, abomination or whatever it is. Or I've been bullied or whatever it is. Those are the people that I relate to. And those are the people that God made me for. Right. He didn't make me for everybody. So not everybody has to agree with me. Not everybody has Has to like me, but I will say to you is that if you're really a child of God, you will love me and I love you regardless to any stones you may throw. Rather it's to me some of it can be very self-righteous, and other times people are just coming from their heart. That's truly what they believe, and they feel they're looking out for me and so At the end of the day I love the person, I love the stone thrower. I pray for everybody. It has given me an opportunity to build my character, because it's easier to love people when they're kind to you. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Meagan Good feels like one lucky woman.

The actress is celebrating her husband, DeVon Franklin’s birthday by sharing a heartfelt message to her love on his special day.

“My Love .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY…what can I say?…you’ve been my truest, most beautiful gift…my most amazing life changing blessing. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for challenging me and being my mirror…for making me “better”…you are my angel…my friend, my love and my partner on this adventure of life and purpose. I feel honored, blessed, humbled, lucky and grateful to be on this epic journey with you. I’m not perfect…but thank you for “seeing” me, loving unconditionally…for being the closest version on earth of “Love” defined…I celebrate the day your design was manifested. It’s. changed. my. life.,” she shared on Instagram.

It’s another year of life for DeVon but it’s also another year of blessings.

In addition to celebrating DeVon’s birthday, the couple has new projects in the works. Just recently it was announced that DeVon is set to co-host TLC’s “This Is Life Live” while Meagan can be seen in the newly released crime drama, “Deuces” on Netflix.

Happy Birthday DeVon!

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