Goals! Marsha Ambrosius' Fiancé Gave Her the Sweetest Gift, Just Because

When the love's this sweet, you know it's real.

Brittney Oliver May, 09, 2017

Marsha Ambrosius is returning to the spotlight after having her daughter, Nyla.

During her press run for her new single “Luh Ya” the new mom was treated to an NBA playoff game courtesy of her fiancé Dez Billups.

The songwriter thanked himself for being able to pull off an exciting game night at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. “S/O to MYSELF for making this happen Lol I don’t give myself credit enough..,” he shared on Instagram.

Not only did the family meet some of the Washington Wizards’ star players like John Wall, but Dez even gave her new song  and album a shoutout on the jumbotron during the game.  Marsha’s new love song is actually co-written by Dez.

“Thank you to The Washington Wizards organization ‘Quentin Addison’ for making this such a special day!!! Had my baby and my baby on the Jumbotron talking about my new single and new album #NYLA congrats on the win!!! #NBAPlayoffs #WIZARDS @johnwall my fave for real! I told him @dezsofly this was amazing!!! So happy to share OUR dreams with each other!!! #itsthelittlethings,” the songstress shared.


The couple was engaged in November during their baby shower and celebrated the occasion with a mannequin challenge video.

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[MUSIC] Hey, Dina. Thank you so much. I'm here with Marsha Ambrosias and she's fabulous and she just stepped off the stage after doing a Prince tribute. How did that feel? You know what, it was It was sad, it was joyous to be able to celebrate him, but at the same time, you're like, he's not here. So in the back of my mind, I'm like singing and praising someone that I've been inspired by my entire life. And, for someone like that to then be a friend, it was more than him just being Prince to me. It was being someone I could Call on. So I sang Take Me With You and Do Me Baby. Do me baby. Yes. Two of my all time favorite all time songs ever and it was just nice to honor him. I'm sure you I did in life as I do in the after. So I'm sure he's smiling down and it was fabulous and you were Throwing shade. [LAUGH] He could be. He is like that. That is great. [INAUDIBLE] Forever. You are with child. I am. [CROSSTALK] You know what? I didn't anticipate to do what it was gonna do. So it's more like an internal earthquake. Every time music plays. This again. This is happening. It's new. It's brand new to me but so exciting. So the baby was feeling the mood. Love it. I love it. No. I don't know what she's doing right now. So what are you doing for the 4th of July? 4th of July, I'm actually flying back to where I currently live in Los Angeles and I don't land until kind of late, so I don't know. I'm going to catch some fireworks and I'm going to be at some of the BBQs, so watch out. Hide your plates I'm coming and you need two plates because of the baby right Well this is the thing my appetite has been rather weird so I'm kind of if anyone does know me knows I love desserts pregnant not so much I want everything savory everything, everything I stopped eating red meat a long time ago. However, being pregnant. Yeah, she wants my meat. Well, I hope you get a big plate of meat [LAUGH]. [INAUDIBLE] something for me. I see you. Thank you so much. All right, back to you Dana. [MUSIC]