Why Marsha Ambrosius Isn’t Rushing Down the Aisle: ‘I Hate The Burden Of Weddings’
Bryan Bedder/ Getty Images

Singer Marsha Ambrosius has found the man of her dreams in fiancé Dez Billups but she isn’t in a rush to head down the aisle. 

After he popped the question at their baby shower in November, the couple welcomed their beautiful daughter Nyla before the Christmas holiday and have been enjoying life as a family of three. 

The former Floetry songtress stopped by ESSENCE to gush about life a new mom, working on new music and the vision she has for wedding one day in the future. 

“No, we haven’t really started the planning, ” she revealed. “It’s kind of hard because my family’s all over there [in the U.K.]. But [Nyla]’s ready to be a flower girl, she’s ready! It’s getting everyone from England, it’s getting everyone from Buffalo, New York, L.A. and all around the United States for that one day, so it’s a lot.”

Rather than settling on doing something in the states, the Liverpool, England native and her Buffalo-born beau have a destination in mind for when they do tie the knot. 

“I really think we should do a destination wedding, so, more so a destination vacation wedding, so you’re not just really pressured in to making it for the Saturday or Sunday’s ceremony. Then it takes a lot of pressure off of everyone else,” she said. “I hate the burden of weddings and any formal events. I’m just like ‘this is too much pressure, what if people are late? What if nobody comes? What if no one can make it?’ And you’ve spent all that bread to get that day and then it rains. I can’t take it back. So at least if I spread what would be a week out with family just being together, him and I might go and get married in Vegas on this tour in a couple of weeks by Elvis or something. And then just get the family to go, “Yeah! You did it! You love each other forever!” We’re going to celebrate this forever.”

Marsha credits her nonchalant mood about planning a big, white wedding to growing up wanting to be the first woman in the NBA. Yep, that’s right. 

“I’ve never really had the girly dream of walking down the aisle and my dress has to be like this. Nah. I was a ball player,” Ambrosius revealed. “My dream was to play in the NBA. The WNBA wasn’t enough. The NBA.
I was like, ‘I’m going to be the first girl to do it, I don’t care.’ I played basketball my entire life. My dad was a coach, my brother played. I really only played to impress boys. Seriously, that’s why I’d do it! But anything to back up into the guys.”

Whenever Marsha does tie the knot, wherever it is, we know it will be everything!