10 Photos That Prove Married 'Underground' Stars Alano Miller and DeWanda Wise's Love Is Everything

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Three months after meeting they were married. They say they "just knew", and after looking at these photos, we did too.

Lauren Porter Mar, 30, 2017

That’s right ya’ll. In real life, Cato and Clara are (very) happilly married. The actor and actress, who also stars in the new FOX drama, Shots Fired, have officially been added to our couple crush list. Just take a look at these photos and dive into their love story to see exactly why they’re goals on goal…on goals.

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"I married my husband after three months," the Shots Fired star revealed. "I just knew."

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The actor and actress take some time from their busy on-screen lives to enjoy some good ol' fashioned lovin!

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Alano and DeWanda married in 2009 and have been in love every since.

4 of 10 Jeff Vespa

This might be our favorite photo of the husband and wife--it's just so sweet!

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DeWanda hails from Baltimore, MD and Alano of Jamaican, Bahamian and Cuban descent from Orlando, Florida. The lovebirds now reside in L.A.

6 of 10 Tommaso Boddi

"Wouldn't be the same without him...," the actress captioned this photo of she and her husband. So sweet!

7 of 10 David Livingston

When your arm candy looks this divine it makes sense to adorn her with kisses!

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DeWanda can really pull off any look and Alano always looks so handsome!

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Alano is the first to admit that he has a serious sweet tooth...and he isn't just talking about his wife. “When my wife and I met, I’d bake. We make a Red Velvet like no other,” he told Men's Fitness in an interview. Now, the Millers even make their own versions of raw treats. “When you start to take away things that you’re so used to like salt and sugar and start to realize there are other seasonings in the world that exist outside of that, it bring so much flavor and joy.”

10 of 10 Charley Gallay

The way Alano looks at DeWanda?! Be still our beating hearts!