All Of The Times Lena Waithe And Her Fiancée Alana Mayo Made Us Fall In Love With Their Love

Lauren Porter Mar, 30, 2018

The history-making Emmy winner and her real life leading lady’s love story is beautiful, and these phots say it all.

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You know the love is real when the smiles are this big, bright and beautiful!

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Lena loves her some Alana and we love it!

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Why not take a selfie with the one you love?

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For Valentine's Day, Lena wrote Alana the sweetest love note by saying, "I don’t believe in Cupid. I believe in God. And I’m grateful to Him for making her in His image. Valentine isn’t a strong enough word to describe her. But on Valentine’s Day, I’m reminded to cherish her. For all that she is. And all that she’ll become. #happyvday." Aww!

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Even when the photo is in black and white, you can tell that these two have a love that is vibrant and bright.

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Hitting the red carpet for an awards show, Lena clearly has the best date in town with Alana on her arm.

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Kissy faces!

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Aren't Lena and Alano so cute!

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You know it's real when you always have fun together, no matter what.

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We're so smitten by how cute these two are together.

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Alana and Lena can't get enough of each other.

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We love a good coordinated moment with bae.

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These two are GLOWING!

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We only have two words: Swoon. Alert.

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Taking in the town with your boo? Check please!

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Fun times for these two lovebirds looks amazing.

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These two are definitely all about the positive vibes only.

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Don't these two just look great together!