It’s been two months since news broke that La La Anthony and her husband, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, were seperating and the POWER star recently admitted that it hasn’t been easy but she’s standing tall despite it all. 

Speaking with The Undefeated, the actress shared that working on the 4th season of the hit Starz series has been a great thing to focus on.

“It’s a different space for me right now, but a great moment for me, and a powerful one at that,” the 37-year-old said. “I’m still here. I’m still successful. I’ve been thrown a bad hand at different times in my life, and I’ve never let that stop me from…persevering. And if that’s what I can lend to another woman, then I feel like that’s the success. I’ve found the power in that.”

Soon after the couple announced they planned to split, La La made a red carpet appearance without her husband for the first time in a long time. 

Posting a breathtaking image on Instagram with the caption, “Unbreakable,” an outpouring of love came La La’s way for keeping her head up in hard times especially for she and Melo’s 10-year-old son, Kiyan. 

Unbreakable 🖤#metgala

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“The Met Gala was a moment for me,” she told the brand. “I didn’t expect it to be all that big of a moment, but it was such an amazing feeling, just being there. I went alone this year…and to have such love, and such great feedback…I loved it.”

Making her rounds to promote the show, the former TRL host has been slaying in photos and she says the experience is empowering. 

Back in LaLaLand....

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When life gets blurry...ADJUST YOUR FOCUS 📸

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“We have to learn how to focus on putting us first. In my life, I spent so much time putting everyone else before me that I didn’t realize how much I was lacking in things that I needed for myself. And when you have a child, that is a very hard thing to do, because my son is my world. When you’re in relationships or marriage, it’s hard to do,” she sadded. “I’m learning to put my needs first. Because if I’m great, then I can be great for everyone else in my life. That’s a hard thing to do. When you’re a nurturer, you’re always worried about taking care of everyone else. ‘I don’t care about how I’m doing. I want to make sure you’re OK. Are you OK? Do you need anything?’ It’s something I want women to continue to work on, to learn.”

We love it La La and we love you for your glow!