Keri Hilson is going into the holiday season and the New Year as a single lady and her cryptic tweets after a breakup with boyfriend Ricardo Lockette definitely imply that she’s staying positive. 

Earlier this month, the singer sent out a simple message on Twitter stating, “A ‘mistake’ is usually the word people prefer to use when it really was a RISK they DECIDED to take. But word to the wise, make sure you can handle both outcomes.”

Just a day later, the Atlanta native took to the social media site to add, “The ONLY thing we owe ourselves and others is to be 100% authentic to what we truly feel at all times.”

Hilson and Lockette began dating in 2017 following her breakup with NBA star Serge Ibaka. The couples sudden split came as a surprise for fans, but there’s no denying that it’s over.

On Tuesday, the retired NFL player shared a few tweets of his own about ending he and Hilson’s relationship. 

After parting ways with Ibaka, the singer told Rolling Out Magazine last year that athletes and men in the music industry were at the top of her no dating list.


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