There is nothing more healing than a mother’s unconditional love.

Singer Keke Wyatt just launched her new YouTube series where she lets cameras in to capture her daily life as a wife and a mother of 10. In her most recent episode, Wyatt opens up about her 18-year-old son Rahjah’s cancer diagnosis, and the scary events that followed.

Wyatt says she knew something was terribly wrong during a trip to the amusement park Six Flags, where Rahjah sat down and complained that he “couldn’t move” and had to be carried out of the park. Rahjah also remembers having no appetite, causing him to lose weight drastically. “I told [people] I’m not starving myself. I just wasn’t hungry.”

Eventually, the doctors conducted blood tests on Rahjah to see what the problem could be. Wyatt recalls receiving a follow-up call from her son’s doctor at midnight asking that she rush him to the hospital. “I said, ‘What is it? Like cancer or something?'” Wyatt remembers asking the doctor on the phone. “She said, ‘yes.’ Honey, my butthole fell on the floor. When she said leukemia, my teeth literally started chattering.”

While receiving treatment for leukemia, Wyatt says there were several terrifying moments, like when Rahjah suffered multiple seizures due to brain swelling. “I’ll never forget when I had to push that code blue for you,” she says to her son.

The video concludes with a slideshow of Rahjah with a message that confirms he is officially cancer-free. “God healed my baby,” Wyatt captioned the ending of her video. “No more cancer!”

Watch the full episode below.


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