Are Justine Skye and NBA Star Justise Winslow Dating?

This may be puppy love, but it's adorable.

Lauren Porter Mar, 28, 2017

Young love is in the air.

Singer Justine Skye, 21, has a rumored new boo, Miami Heat star Justise Winslow.

The YBF reported that the singer has been getting cozy with the young basketball phenom after she shared a super cozy photo of the two on a yacht in which she gives him an adaorable embrace from behind just days before his 21st birthday. 

Skye was by his side as he celebrated his milestone day.

The two were all smiles as the Brooklyn born babe, most known for her gorgeous purple tresses, helped the Houston native have a birthday to remember. 

Happy 21st to our friend @iamjustise! Thanks for celebrating with us! 📸: @worldredeye

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Rocking a beautiful cut out dress, Skye served nothing but looks to support the one who has her heart.

No word as to if these two have made things official but if things are getting serious, we absolutely support it!

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Justine, Justine [LAUGH] What's Up? How are you? I'm good, I'm great actually. Yeah. So welcome to Black Women In Music. Is this your first time here? This is actually my second time. I came last year but I probably not as cool as I might be this year so [LAUGH]. Yeah. So we're celebrating 45 years of Essence magazine, and also, you know, 45 years of black women in music, and I'm gonna ask you, who do you think are some of the most influential black women in music in the last 45 years? Some of the most influential women, definitely the ones we honor tonight, [UNKNOWN] Brandi's performing, she's definitely a huge part of black. Music. And, Beyonce, I feel, like, is definitely another huge part. She's so hardworking and dedicated and she's always, like, keeping with the times and changing. So I feel like that, you know, this is just a great event, just honoring black women. Yeah, I feel like we don't get honored enough, and so, it's, I'm so honored to be a part of this and to be here. And who's the woman in music that has most influenced you? The music, the per- the woman who has most influenced me would probably have to be Beyoncé. She's definitely someone that I look up to every day, when I wake up, you know. There's a quote like be you, but be more like Beyoncé. [LAUGH] Like she's so, she's so hardworking, and I just. Every day I wake up my mom's like, you're not being your Beyonce, you're not on your Beyonce, she definitely like a goal like, she's like the epitome of hard working. What about her besides the hard work, what about Beyonce really inspires you? Her voice her voice is always on point no matter what. Even if like, even if she like, messes up she. Comes even harder. She never lets anyone like any bad press or anything that anyone says to her affect what she's doing. And you know, as we celebrate tonight Jill Scott, do you have any favorite Jill Scott songs? My favorite Jill Scott song is. [MUSIC] Around the park after dark. That's definitely something, my mom played that song all the time like, growing up so it's like, stuck in my head, and yeah. The youth! My mom played that song when I was growing up! [LAUGH] Yeah. It's not right. I know. I know. That's kinda like how like, that's kinda how I got into the music industry, my moms been in the industry for like, 20 years. So, I grew up around it, and just her playing music just inspired me to be an R&B artist today. And we are looking forward to watching your career and you blossom. So, thanks so much for stopping by.