Why Jada Pinkett Smith Loves Will Smith’s Hilarious Instagram Antics As Much As You Do
Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Will Smith quickly became the Fresh Prince of Instagram when he joined the social media website, Instagram, in December 2017 and earned a whole new badge of honor for regularly using the site to drop gems and a breadth of knowledge. 

Fans wait with bated breath for the hilarious yet amazing commentary with each post notification and now, the veteran actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, has something to say about her husband’s quippy antics.

The Girls Trip star told Hip Hollywood on Wednesday that this is a side of Will that she’s known for years–and she is just as impressed as everyone else. 

“People wonder what he’s like at home and I’m like, there you go!,” she said. “That’s what I been dealing with for the 23 years. There you go.”

She added, “I call him the sacred clown because he has a way to make people laugh but also open people up to make people think as well. He has his way of delivering his message and it’s through laughter and joy and fun and I think it’s a beautiful thing. I really do. I’m happy for him and he’s having so much fun and that brings me joy.”

Looks like it’s a happy wife and a happy life for Will and his Instagram feed!