<p>How Jada Pinkett-Smith Has Stayed Happily Married to Will Smith For Almost 20 Years</p>

The 'Girls Trip' star drops a gem on what it takes to make a marriage work.


On New Years Eve 1997, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith became husband and wife, and since tying the knot they’ve become one of the most iconic couples in Hollywood.

Over the last 20 years, The Smiths have seen profound success both individually and together as a team. According to Girls Trip star, one of their biggest secrets to lasting love began by looking within to build a happy foundation.

“I’ve learned what makes a happy union,” Smith told the People and Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) show Mamarazzi during a live taping. “You have to learn your happiness individually.”

The couple has maintained a certain level of privacy throughout their decades-long marriage and their bond has become an inspiration to fans. Smith continued by explaining how she and Will have made it a priority to heal and find personal happiness.

“You can’t expect your partner to make you happy, and that’s across the board,” said Smith. “You can’t expect your partner to make you feel beautiful, make you feel intelligent. All these expectations we have in these partnerships I think is what’s deteriorating our partnerships. Ultimately, what I’ve realized is being married is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. I realized that when I would just go to the side and deal with my stuff. All my childhood trauma, all my daddy issues that I was trying to bring into this marriage cause he’s not my father, he’s not meant to do that work, he is not meant to buoy me in a way that I can’t for myself. And he had to go and do the same and when two people can come back together in their own happiness and just add to that happiness…”

The Smiths remain in it for the longhaul.