Hey Internet, Blaming and Shaming La La For Splitting With Carmelo Is Lame!
Michael Loccisano

Now that social media reactions rule the Internet, people love to hide behind keyboards and use their Twitter fingers to react to every thing they see or read online.

From complete strangers to celebrities, these “trolls” (as the Internet likes to call them) don’t discriminate when they dive into someone’s comments or drag their mentions leaving nasty and insensitive messages about their life decisions, feelings or tragedies.

Celebrity breakups are huge magnets for harsh criticism and an instant round of blame game online, and in the case of the recent news that Power star La La Anthony and New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony were separating after seven years of marriage, the Anthonys’ bad news was no exception.  Although at the time that the news broke, there were very little facts about who or what might be to blame for their split, fans still took to Twitter and Instagram to flood the actress’ social media feeds with disparaging remarks about her loyalty, her love and her life. 

As usual, everyone was click to blame the woman for “abandoning” or “betraying” the man…long before any real facts were present to support such allegations.

Under a photo she posted over the Easter weekend posing with their son, Kiyan, people who have probably never met La La, her husband or her child (and probably never will) took the time to pass judgement about the possible end of her marriage.

Studying his lines...he's focused 🙌🏽🙌🏽

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Comments on the post read:

“Dont leave him when he needs u the most. Stick through it. When you marry a basketball player you know that being traded happens.”

“Lmaooooo. You don’t deserve Melo. Melo deserves better”

“Please don’t leave melo, he needs you through this tough time with the knicks.”


“Why you gotta do melo like that?”

The news of their split comes after reports surfaced that the Carmelo may have fathered a child with a stripper, but even with these rumors circulating, what does La La’s decision to leave her marriage have to do with you, and who are you to decide the merit of her decision? When she and Melo tied the knot in 2010, she signed up for better or for worse, but it’s important to remember that “worse” is almost always subjective. We may never know exactly why the Anthonys didn’t work out, but we do know that it’s their decision whether or not to fight for their marriage…not ours…or yours…or his…or hers.

Why does the internet have to add fuel to the fire during an already difficult time? It’s typical, but still shameful.

The same consideration needs to be extended to women like Ciara. 

CiCi and her former fiancé, Future, were once in love, welcomed a child and had a nasty split along with an interesting legal rollercoaster. She moved on, married NFL star Russell Wilson and now they’re expecting their first child together any minute now. The singer has found the happiness she’s always deserved, minds her business and holds her own–especially when it comes to her child–yet, every time Future drops a mixtape or sneezes, #FutureHive members are all in her comments trolling about something she has long since moved on from.

These women don’t require our feedback or opinions on their pain and they cerainly don’t welcome it. They must live very public lives while very personal things are going on. Sure it comes with the fame, but why are people so quick to join in on the shaming/blaming and, oh yeah, why exactly is it “her fault”?

Can La La end her marriage in peace, please?