Fantasia blessed us with a word on Instagram. The “Truth Is” singer has been putting in that work toward keeping her marriage strong and her career thriving. When she’s not on tour, she’s either stunning our timelines with her fit body or giving us major #relationshipgoals with photos of herself with husband Kendall. The singer is all about the work-life balance and she makes sure that the energy she puts on stage matches the energy she puts into her own relationship. Fantasia shared a relationship gem on her Instagram feed recently touching on how she chooses to cater to her husband, who she has been married to since 2015. “I go harder as a Wife than I do on stage, not only will I cook a perfect meal for the King, but my mix drink game is becoming respectable as well! #Marriage #loyaltyloyaltyloyalty,” she shared.   We hear you, Tasia! If you can give it your all at your job, then you can put in that work for your relationship too. TOPICS: