17 Photos Of Fantasia and Husband Kendall Taylor Looking As Happy As Can Be


The truth is, Fantasia has never looked happier than she does with her sweet husband Kendall Taylor. Here are all of the reasons we love their love.

Lauren Porter Mar, 27, 2017

“My King: [I] told him I’m a lot of woman to be carrying but he heard me say ‘my feet hurt’ so he scooped me up and said all this woman belongs to me (I got this). I’m all smiles!” captioned Fantasia when she shared this sweet photo over the weekend. Now this is love and we’ll drink to that!

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Now this is what we call a picture perfect couple. The Taylors were married on July 18, 2015.

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The Taylors pose for the camera at the 2015 Soul Train Awards and show us just how inseperable they truly are.

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The happy couple stood strong in their love at the release party for Fantasia's The Definition Of... album in New York City.

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Tender kisses anyone? Aww! We remain 100 percent here for the love.

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Just look at how Fantasia looks at Kendall. Yes, we can feel the love!

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The Taylors first met in a Charlotte nightclub in 2015 and have been each others' rocks ever since. After dating for just a short while, she knew he was The One for her. "I just knew [he was the one]," she told Billboard. "I was getting ready to go on the road, and he got on his knees and said, 'Can I pray for you? I just want to cover for you down the road.' In the time I'd been fasting from relationships, I asked God for ­someone to pray for me -- ­someone that could cover me and my kids [Dallas, 4, and Zion, 14] and be the man of the house. That's when I knew."

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"Everything changed when I met him," the singer said about the love of her life. So precious!

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The couple only dated for three weeks before they tied the knot, but as they say, when you know, you know.

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Even on their casual date nights, these two are picture perfect cuties!

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Because you can never get enough of the one you love, the Taylors tied the knot again on Christmas day shortly after their one year anniversary. We love their wedding day slay!

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The American Idol winner is all smiles when she's around her husband, and if he makes her this happy, who could blame her?!

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We really love these two because Fantasia deserves this love!

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When you and your never stop having fun together, you know the love will last.

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Fantasia and Kendall are still in the honeymoon phase, and it's adorable.

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A red hot couple always, The Taylors are serving love goals daily.

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With each and every photo, these two prove day after day that they are what real love looks like!

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Perfectly coordinated, as usual.