5 Times Celebrity Women Fell In Love With Men From Their Past
Derek White/WireImage

Whether she’s performing on stage or simply posting on Instagram, singer Monica is always going to show love to and represent for rapper Corey Miller, known as C-Murder. If you haven’t been following, the two were an item in the ’90s. The New Orleans native, who is the brother of Master P, was sentenced to life in prison in 2009 for the shooting death of a teen named Steve Thomas at a nightclub in 2002. But witnesses have since come forward claiming Miller’s innocence and allege that they were forced by police to give false information and testify against him. Since then, there’s been a major push to get him released, with attorney Benjamin Crump joining his legal team, Kim Kardashian getting involved, and Monica leading the way.

What initially seemed to have begun as an old friend seeking justice for another, has shifted. The two seem to have reconnected romantically. She has performed her song “For You I Will” and put his name in it, he’s called her his “baby,” and more. Most recently, she visited Miller in prison, with photos finding their way online.

As mentioned, the two were an item when she was young and Monica went on to marry and have beautiful children with ex-boyfriend Rodney “Rocko” Hill and ex-husband Shannon Brown. Now, she’s on a mission to see Miller free, and the assumption of fans is that they’ll be together again. That’s at least the impression they got from a recent TikTok of her joking that she’d fallen in love with the same man for a third time. She captioned the clip, “But I love it here 😂”

If the singer does indeed find her happily ever after with Miller, she wouldn’t be the first star to fall in love with an individual from their past. See five other women who reconnected with, married, and even remarried a former friend or lover.