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The Braxton Sisters Say Toni And Fiancé Birdman's Wedding Reception Will Be 'On And Poppin!'


Grammy-award winning singer Toni Braxton recently confirmed the news that many had speculated for some time—she and rapper Birdman are engaged.

Before wedding bells ring for the couple, the 50-year-old’s sisters, Traci, Towanda, and Trina Braxton stopped by ESSENCE Now to spill some tea about the forthcoming nuptials. 

Towanda said while she plans on helping her big sister with wedding plans, she’ll be calling in the help of a professional to make sure the couple’s big day goes off without a hitch.

“Of course I’m helping plan but listen, I’m hiring a wedding planner because I do not want that job cause you get sucked in really quickly,” she said.

Traci, who’s known on the reality TV series for loving a good time, admits she’s looking forward to the reception and shares that she wasn’t surprised when something sparked between the singer and the New Orleans native.

“They’ve been friends for so long and he was always around — been friends for years so sometimes there’s a romance when you’re friends first,” she said. 

Something we don’t know about the Cash Money CEO? The sisters share that he’s nothing short of a true stand up guy.

“He’s a gentleman and he loves our mother,” they said. “He calls her ‘Big Mama.'”

Trina added, “You still have to put some respect on his name, don’t misunderstand it! But he’s a little teddy bear—with us anyway.”

Check out the interview above.


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