<p>Aww! Cory Hardrict Reveals What He Admires About The Way Tia Mowry Loves Him</p>

Everyone deserves a love like this.


When Tia Mowry and her husband Cory Hardrict married in April of 2008 the two vowed to be by each other’s side for better or worse and they’ve given their all to make sure they stay together.

In OWN’s Black Love Doc, the husband and wife duo get candid for the cameras and and Hardrict is very honest about how much he adores and appreciates the way his wife loves him. 

“She puts up with me, because I’m a little crazy but it’s like a good crazy, but it’s me,” the actor confessed. “She understands me, but she supports me through everything. If i need to talk to her, she’s there for great advice. She’s there to comfort me, she cooks pretty good. I mean, she does everything, she’s like a super mom and then she’s my number one fan.”

The couple welcomed their son, Cree, in July of 2011 and Hardrict gushes that he knows the way Mowry loves him is honest, and it’s what makes him value her that much more. 

“It’s genuine, it comes from a place and I know that and that’s always a great feeling to have,” he said. “When someone is really in your corner. So I love her, to death…even though she get on my damn nerves.”

Everyone deserves a love like theirs.

Black Love Doc airs on Saturdays at 9 p.m.