On the heels of celebrating seven years of marriage with her husband Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys can’t help but show her gratitude for the love and life they share together. 

On Instagram, the singer shared a special video dedicated to her husband in which she beautifully explains why she feels so happy to have him in her life.


While lounging on a sandy beach with a beautiful sunrise in the background, the 36-year-old looks into the camera and lists the many reasons she loves being married to Beatz.

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“I was just out here looking at this sunrise. Finished a little meditation [and] I was just feeling so much gratitude for you. And I just wanted to tell you thank you. Thank you for the way that you support me and believe in me and my music and my dream and everything that I’m working on. That means so much to me and you mean so much to me. I’m so proud of everything you’re working on and everything you’re dreaming up. Your individual imprint is making a mark on this world and I just want to say that I love walking this planet with you and I support you and your dreams. I am so grateful in a way that just lights me up like this sun right here and I wanted you to know it.”

“A lil’ love note for you…#gratitude #thismorning,” she captioned the super sweet video. 

Alicia and Swizz married in July of 2010 on the French Island of Corisca. Since tying the knot, the happy couple have welcomed two sons, Egypt, 6, and Genesis, 2.

When you’ve found the love of your life, we guess you can’t help but be this grateful!