Beyoncé’s Twin Reveal Sent The Internet Spiraling

Some of you may have been asleep when Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter took to Instagram to reveal to the world Sir and Rumi Carter. Celebrating their first month, Beyoncé’s elaborate reveal was another iconic image of the singer that fans will probably try to duplicate over the next few days. 

Of course, the reveal sent the internet spiraling. If you hadn’t gone to bed when the photo dropped, then you definitely weren’t about to now.



But, for Beyoncé, we’re willing to lose a little sleep. After all, she did invent motherhood.



People are already wondering what the twins will be like when they grow up and have started comparing Bey’s reveal to works of art.







Still, there are those who are just looking for any reason to slander Beyoncé and the twins, but the BeyHive will not stand for such foolery.




So, don’t spend your Friday being a hater. Bask in the glow of Beyoncé, Rumi, and Sir Carter. And, remember, always set an alert on your phone because you never know when Beyoncé will surprise you.