Beyoncé’s Stylist Takes Selfies to a New Level
@TyTyrone Instagram

As if we needed another reason to love Ty Hunter, he’s recently ventured into the tech category with a genius invention that is sure to take your selfies to a whole new level of gorgeous! It’s called Ty-Lite, and it’s already at the top of our beauty wish list for this year. Do you ever wonder how beauty bloggers manage to always have the perfect lighting in most of their shots? The secret is often behind the camera—all of the stuff that you don’t see—a ring light. A ring light is essentially vertical halo of lights that evenly distributes light to produce a more luminous face making it easier to catch all of the right angles. 

Ty-Lite is a light up cell phone case that functions as a ring light to make all of your selfies picture-perfect and it’s sure to catapult all of your photos onto the popular page! Dying to get your hands on one? I know we are! They’re available for Galaxy and iPhone 5s and 6/6plus models, the Ty-Lite retails for $79.99 and can be purchased exclusively through