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Harpo, Who’s This Woman Because It Sure Isn’t Beyoncé


A wax museum in Niagara Falls has Twitter users scratching their heads after someone snapped a picture of what is supposed to be a replica of Beyoncé.

Writer Ama Scriver posted a image of the wax figure with the caption, “According to the curators of the wax museum in Niagara Falls, this is Beyonce,” and folks were left wondering if the figure’s creators even know what Bey looks like at all.

Wax figures are notoriously hit and miss (and a little bit creepy), but museums seem especially unable to get Beyoncé right. Most of the figures make the “Lemonade” singer look like a white woman, and others just don’t look like the star at all.


This isn’t the first time the Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum came under fire for its terrible Beyoncé replica. Last year, after a particularly bad image hit the web, a reporter from Vice traveled to the museum to check out the wax figure and talk to Beyoncé fans.

One visitor summed up our thoughts.

“It’s obviously hilarious but when you really think about it they took a Black idol and whitewashed her,” she said. “Intentional or not I ain’t down with it.”

Neither are we.


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