The Beyhive Is Swarming On Rumors Of A Potential Beyoncé Kelly Rowland Project

An Instagram account with the cryptic handle has everyone scrambling to get in formation.
Foot-on-neck season seems to be all year round in the first family of Texas. Although we were still edgeless from the “On The Run II” tour when Solange announced she was dropping new music, it now it looks like Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland might be cooking up something as well — if rumors are to be believed. An Instagram account with the cryptic handle @roseivyou has popped up that has everyone scrambling to get into formation. Officially nothing has been announced that links the account to either Beyoncé or Kelly, but there are way too many connections for fans not to take notice. The “Rose IV You” account features only three posts. The first is of a rose blooming animatedly with a snippet of a song where Beyoncé appears to be laughing in the background.
When the Formation World Tour was announced — after Beyoncé performed alongside Bruno Mars and Coldplay at the Super Bowl — a similar animation was used in the ads. The second post on the mystery account displayed the roman numerals “I.IV.” Fans believe it could be hinting to the date the project is set to be released, January 4, 2019. Fans also noticed that Rowland was recently spotted on social media singing along to an unreleased track with the phrase “rose petals at my feet” in the lyrics. The caption for the short clip featured three emojis — a wink and two roses. The roman numeral IV is extremely significant to Beyoncé and her family as she was born on September 4, and Jay-Z was born on December 4. The two also wed on April 4, 2008. She and Jay-Z even got “IV” tattoos as permanent wedding rings when celebrating their nuptials. The third post on the Instagram account features the rose again with another musical snippet. That alone wasn’t much to go on, but leave it to the grade A sleuths at the Beygency to notice that the account was only following five other accounts — Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj, Tidal and Netflix. The inclusion of Netflix led fans to suspect that the project could be a visual album debuting there. We’ll just have to wait and Bey — we mean, see. TOPICS: