Cheers to Black Grads! 32 Of The Best Graduation Caps We've Seen This Year

Black graduates did not hold back with bringing the Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy to their grad caps this year. From celeb inspired styles to salutes to school spirit, the class of 2017 did not disappoint.

Lauren Porter May, 16, 2017

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@_maxie paid homage to Drake (and her student loans) with this picture perfect cap! 

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@beaversdam showed love to Kendrick Lamar with her grad cap and we love it! 

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@artworkbybria got all the way in formation with her Beyonce grad cap!

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@4evahaka proudly showed his love to his mom, his roots and his frat. Respect. 

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The iciest grad cap goes to @oyveysade for this Gucci Mane inspired cap! 

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Don't touch @erparrish_'s grad cap. Word to Solange. 

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@lifeof_shyyab's cap was full of Black Girl Magic. Safe to say she's got it all! 

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@taylorsimien is a proud AKA and accountant. She's #winning!

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@egypy_art is a educated Black queen. Her cap says it all! 

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Sigma Gamma Rho member @shannontori_ celebrated with her grad cap!

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@hi_imchocolate is two degrees hotter. How fab!

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There is no denying that @styleomelette cap is full educated Black girl magic!

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@simplytonika is a Black boss chick. Need her cap say more? 

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Alpha Phi Alpha man @coldplay_8 had the perfect cap on graduation day! 

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On @buzzonbrandi's graduation day, she wore the most dazzling cap of all! 

16 of 32 @ms_morgan1920/instagram had the grad cap that captured her beautifully!

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Um, yes to the Black Girl Magic on this cap designed by @ms_morgan1920.

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@ohheyasiamay slayed the grades. Yes sis! 

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@primplife this queen has crown...finally!

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@the4th_duck did it for her ancestores and the generations unborn. How powerful.

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@rissajaylovely has overcome it all. Congrats girl!

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@lola_bling got this natural girl thing down!

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@akg242 is one proud Omega man!

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Thanking mom for your Black girl magic, @artxsun? Always a good idea. 

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Nupe @brysensei said it best: If I graduate from a PWI, Imma make it look sexy. Lit!

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Damn, this cap is everything. 

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@_afrolady has her crown and her dove. This Zeta Phi Beta is ready for the world!

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@meemfme._ they don't want to see you winning, but you are!

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Welcome to adulting @bom_idowu. Being a "Man In Debt" is real. 

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@k_cartior it be like that, girl. 

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@patrick_g20 Stay Woke. It get's real out here.