Ayesha Curry Has A Few Thoughts On Drake’s NBA Awards Skit
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Ayesha Curry is finally speaking out about Drake’s NBA Awards skit poking fun at her marriage to Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

The skit, inspired by Get Out, saw Drake as Steph planning a night out with Draymond Green, played by Lil Rel. However, Ayesha Curry (Kylie Bunbury) quickly nixes those plans, sending her husband into the sunken place. 

Appearing on UNINTERRUPTED’s “Black Girl Magic,” Ayesha shared her thoughts on the skit. “It’s something that truly baffles me. The skit was fine, it was all in good fun. It’s hilarious. From their perspective, they’re like, ‘Well we know you, so it’s funny.’ But I’m like, there’s some people out there who think this is true. Just like some people out there thought I paid $50,000 for some box braids.”

She added, “People just believe what’s put in front of them. I don’t know where that line was blurred where people are respectful toward each other and it’s the ball and chain.”