Ayesha Curry Clears Up Kim Kardashian Comparison And Other Fiery Tweets
Jonathan Leibson

Being the wife of a major athlete can often be polarizing, but for Ayesha Curry, she’s created her own lane outside of her NBA-champion husband, Steph.

The 28-year-old has her own cooking show, is an author and works with several charities— all while raising her two adorable daughters.

But in an interview with The Daily Beast, the mom-preneuer says she has no issues with fellow famous moms like Kim Kardashian, she’s just less adventurous when it comes to clothing. 

“I saw a picture in a magazine one day and it was literally like walking around with nipples out, it was so drastic,” she said about the Kardashian comparison that people were making on social media in early 2016.

“I thought it was hilarious,” Curry recalls. “So that’s why I tweeted that. My intentions were not to say you can’t show leg or whatever—that’s ridiculous. I know Khloé [Kardashian], and they’re great, so it was very uncalled for.”

She also talks about the other times her tweets have gotten her into trouble, like the tweet about her husband’s game being rigged or dressing scantily clad

All in all, Curry means well. And if there is one thing her and Kardashian have in common, it’s their feelings toward President Donald Trump. While Curry hasn’t explicitly said she doesn’t support him, she has spoken out about the defunding of No Kid Hungry.

“I’m a mom, I have two little ones, and there are parents out there who unfortunately, they would love to be able to provide all of these things for their kids but they can’t. And I feel like that’s what America’s about, right? Helping one another out for the better good of our communities. And I just think it’s so sad.”

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