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Ari Lennox Claps Back At Homophobic People: 'If You Don’t Support LGBTQ Community, You Don’t Support Me'

In a series of Tweets, Lennox talked about how she is disgusted by the hate for the queer community.

Soul singer Ari Lennox is taking a stand against homophobia, even telling her fans who don’t believe in LGBTQ rights to “unfollow and unsubscribe.”

The “Shea Butter Baby” singer took to Twitter on Monday to speak out against those who don’t support the queer community and people’s rights to live how the want and love who they want.

“I hate homophobic and transphobic people so much,” she wrote, adding that she had intentionally chosen the word “hate.”

“Please if you don’t support LGBTQ community, you don’t support me,” she Tweeted. “You don’t support my family and the people I love. So all you delusional and fake religious/self-righteous weirdos unfollow and unsubscribe.”

Lennox even pointed to her personal life to explain her distaste for homophobia. Some members of her family refused to attend her sister’s wedding because she chose to love a woman.

“You can’t support your own flesh and blood because of years of unhealthy conditioning from religion and media,” she wrote. “People really live their short lives in a mental prison.”