Angela Simmons wrote a touching tribute to her son’s father, who died earlier this year after succumbing to a fatal gunshot wound. Simmons had to mourn the death of her former fiancé and her son’s father, Sutton Tennyson, who was shot and killed in the driveway of his Atlanta home in November. He was 37.  The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star took to Instagram to remember Tennyson and reflect on “the most difficult hurdle I’ve ever had to face.”  The duo called it quits back in 2016 after their child Sutton Jr. was born “As this year comes to a close, I reflect on the most difficult hurdle I’ve ever had to face. And it’s losing my son’s father,” she captioned a post of Tennyson holding is newborn son. “To know that you are with us in spirit is sometimes just not enough. She continued: “But as the new year comes in I know that I will do my best carrying Sj with your strength and mine. And now being mommy and daddy to our beautiful son. Thank you for my